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200SSTE Hot Water Pressure Washer 200 Bar

Why 200SSTE Hot Water Pressure Washer 200 Bar ?

Standing out with its competitiveness in terms of price and performance, 200 bar pressure hot cold car wash machine has superior mobility and ergonomic structure. The hot and cold car washing machine, which is made easy to use and maintain thanks to its smart assembly, provides detailed cleaning and effectively shows savings in your business with the minimum water and electricity costs it provides. The only difference between the hot water pressure washer and other models is its dimensions. Having a more minimal design reflects positively on the consumer in terms of price and performance. While it is preferred by car washes in vehicle engine washing processes and oil removal processes, it has also gained a place in the livestock sector, especially in poultry and barn cleaning, as well as industrial enterprises.








Using And Maintenance Instruction

Technical Details

    Model 200SSTE    
    Working Pressure 200 Bar    
    Flow 7-15 Lt/Min Adjustable    
    Power Engine 7,5 Hp    
    Voltage 380 V    
    Gun Trigger    
    Hose Length 10 Mt    
    Pump Type 3 Cylinders Ceramic Reciprocating    
    Steam Temperature 0 – 140 °C    
    Fuel Diesel    
    Fuel Tank 15 Lt    
    Box Dimensions 80x58x90 Cm    
    Weight 98 Kg    
    Warranty Period 24 Month