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300SST Hot Water Pressure Washer 300 Bar

Why 300SST Hot Water Pressure Washer 300 Bar ?

With Tarus 300 bar hot and cold car washing machine; excavator, construction equipment, earthmoving truck etc. You can complete the cleaning of vehicles in minutes. While the 300 bar washing pump makes its users feel its power, you can use it comfortably thanks to its low vibration level. The hot water pressure washer, which is especially used in the pre-lubrication cleaning of heavy-duty machines, is also your solution partner in shipyards and paint removal processes. With its adjustable pressure and temperature value, it provides you with the desired efficiency. In addition, hot and cold washing machine stands out as your biggest assistant in undesired construction site residues and concrete removal processes. Tarus 300 bar hot cold high pressure washing machine helps you add value to your business with its attractive design and improved security system.










Using And Maintenance Instruction

Technical Details

      Model 300SST   
      Working Pressure 300 Bar   
      Flow 7-20 Lt/Min Adjustable    
      Power Engine 15 Hp    
      Voltage 380 V    
      Gun Trigger    
      Hose Length 10 Mt     
      Pump Type 3 Cylinders Ceramic Reciprocating    
      Steam Temperature 30 – 150 °C    
      Fuel Diesel    
      Fuel Tank 16 Lt    
      Box Dimensions 74x115x116 Cm    
      Weight 160 Kg    
      Warranty Period 24 Mounth