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844250 Plastic Water Hose Reel 20 Mt

Why 844250 Plastic Water Hose Reel ?

Plastic water hose reels extend hose life and increase safety and efficiency. Supplied with a hose. Has a special central locking system, Strong latch mechanism allows the hose to stay in place when needed The hose can be retracted when not in use. A spring made of high quality steel was used. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Technical Details

    Model 844250    
    Hose Diameter 12 Mm    
    Hose Length 20 Mt    
    Working Pressure 6 Bar    
    Max. Water Temperature 40°C    
    Box Dimensions 28x47x56 Cm    
    Weight 8,50 Kg    
    Warranty Period 24 Month