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Advanced Aquatak 150 Cold Washing Machine 150 Bar

Why Advanced Aquatak 150 Cold Washing Machine 150 Bar ?

This high-pressure washer offers high-performance cleaning with Quad pump technology. The additional cylinder of the Quad Pump offers outstanding power, to complete the most challenging jobs in less time. The high-pressure hose reel makes set-up of the AdvancedAquatak 150 stress-free. It also offers a range of robust and durable nozzles for an exceptionally versatile cleaning performance. It can tackle large and difficult cleaning projects, such as walls, large vehicles, patios, driveways, swimming pools, and boats. Push-fit connections and in-use gun storage make cleaning simple.

With a range of nozzles, there is an option for every situation. The Rotary Nozzle is ideal for tough dirt on hard surfaces, such stone and masonry, as well as trailers and garden tools. The Variable Fan Jet Nozzle tackles dirt on cars, bikes, and outdoor furniture.

The 550-ml High-Pressure Detergent Nozzle reduces cleaning time by applying the soap quickly. A direct connection to the lance makes it simple to use. It is the ideal solution for deep cleaning cars and garden furniture.

In-use gun storage makes it possible to store the gun while using the high-pressure washer for safety and convenience. Self-priming offers greater flexibility. A mains water supply is not required. External water sources such as a rainwater tank can be used.

The high-pressure hose reel makes set-up simple and provides easy storage for the hose

Large wheels and a metal telescopic handle provide comfortable manoeuvrability. The handle also locks, for compact storage.

Technical Details

    Model Advanced Aquatak 150    
    Engine Performance 2200 W    
    Max. Pressure 150 Bar    
    Max. Shipment Quantity 480 Lt/Hour    
    Max. Inlet Temperature 40 °C    
    Water Absorption Feature 0,5 Mt    
    Detergent System High Pressure Foam    
    Engine Type Induction    
    Pump Type 4 Cylinders    
    Pump Material All Metal    
    Cable Length 5 Mt    
    Warranty Period 24 Month