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AdvancedVac 20 Vacuum Cleaner 20 Lt with Dust Bag

Why AdvancedVac 20 Vacuum Cleaner 20 Lt with Dust Bag ?

Cleans dust and chips from the workshop area as well as wet materials.
Automatically turns on and off when using a power tool.
Drain valve ensures effective discharge of large volumes of water.
Ideal for blowing leaves and dirt from tight spaces.
Electric discharge is minimized thanks to the antistatic hose.
This versatile AdvancedVac 20 is ideal for cleaning both liquid and dry materials or for use in home and garden projects. The blower function removes leaves and dirt from tight spaces, while the drain valve can easily discharge large volumes of water. Antistatic hose minimizes electrical discharge. Thanks to its flexible universal adapter and conical shape, this vacuum cleaner can be connected directly to all Bosch Home & Garden tools and power tools from various other manufacturers, thus ensuring a continuous cleaning. It opens and closes automatically in sync with the tool, offering much improved handling and cleaning in a short time. Use the cartridge filter to vacuum both wet and dry materials without the need for filter replacement during use. Clean the filter easily by tapping it on a hard surface or holding it in water. The pre-filter covers the cartridge filter to increase its durability and minimize clogging. Easily cleaned. The automatic on/off function keeps the work area clean without additional intervention. Plug this tool directly into the vacuum cleaner, which turns on and off in perfect synchronization with the tool. Open the drain valve after vacuuming to easily drain large volumes of water. With this universal adapter the cleaner can be attached to all existing Bosch Home & Garden tools for a constantly clean area while working. The antistatic hose minimizes electrical discharge while vacuuming for added convenience. Easily blow away leaves and dirt from hard-to-reach areas – simply connect the hose to the back of the vacuum cleaner to switch from suction to blowing.

Technical Details

    Model AdvancedVac 20    
    Suction Power 300    
    Input Power 1200 W    
    Max. Air Flow (Turbine) 70 Lt/Sc    
    Max. Vacuum (Turbine) 260 M Bar    
    Hopper Volume 20 Lt    
    Weight 7,6 Kg    
    Warranty Period 24 Month