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GHP 5-65 Cold Washing Machine 160 Bar

Why GHP 5-65 Cold Washing Machine 160 Bar ?

High cleaning performance: The stainless steel piston pump made of anodized aluminum perfectly combines high delivery volume and high pressure, providing a superior cleaning performance.
Practical: easy operation and portable and space-saving construction with telescopic handle.
Versatile: Can be used both vertically and horizontally.

Technical Details

    Model GHP 5-65    
    Max. Pressure 160 Bar    
    Rated Input Power 2400 W    
    Max. Inlet Temperature 50 °C    
    Material Reinforced Rubber Hose    
    Flow 520 Lt/Hour    
    Pump System Vibration Plate    
    Pistons Steel    
    Engine Type Induction    
    Cable Length 5 Mt    
    Hose Length 8 Mt    
    Vibration Emission Value Ah 1,8 m/s2    
    Warranty Period 24 Month