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Promidi 600M2 Vacuum Cleaner Wet Dry 60 Lt

Why Promidi 600M2 Vacuum Cleaner Wet Dry 60 Lt ?

In businesses such as car wash, factory, mosque, school, hotel, hospital, dormitory, shopping center and residence, it comes to the fore with its two-motor operating system, wet and dry vacuuming feature, steel body and ergonomic structure. PROMIDI 600M2 model goes beyond your expectations with its optional cartridge filter, car body, 10 meter cable length and 16 lt dust capacity, 60 lt tank and 40 lt dirty water capacity, providing detailed cleaning and perfect solutions.

Technical Details

    Model Promidi 600M2    
    Power Engine 2000 W (1000 W X 2)    
    Engine Type By-Pass / Double Stage    
    Suction Power 2600 MmSs    
    Function Wet & Dry    
    Voltage 220 – 230 V    
    Frequency Ac / 50-60 Hz    
    Cable Length 10 M / 2 x 1 Mm²    
    Tank Type Steel    
    Tank Capacity 60 Lt    
    Dirty Water Tank Capacity 40 Lt    
    Paper Dust Bag Capacity 35 Lt    
    Lock Type Metal    
    Hose Length 240 Cm    
    Hose Diameter Ø38 Mm    
    Pipe Set Steel Ø38 Mm    
    Wheels 4 X Pvc 75 Mm Front & Back    
    Engine Protection Float System    
    Underbody Cpp Car Trunk    
    Attaching a Hose Locked System    
    Product Gross Weight 21,5 Kg    
    Box Gross Weight 24 Kg    
    Product Sizes Ø 620 x 805 Mm    
    Box Dimensions 550 x 550 x 940 Mm    
    Warranty Period 24 Month