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Promini 100P Vacuum Cleaner 13 Lt with Dust Bag

Why Promini 100P Vacuum Cleaner 13 Lt with Dust Bag ?

It is used in cleaning services of businesses such as hotels, hospitals, dormitories, offices, residences, banks and stores. Promini 100P model stands out in the dry vacuum machines class with its silent operation feature, robust durable body and ergonomic structure. It also offers optional H.E.P.A filter usage. The model with high suction power that meets your expectations offers a quiet and thorough cleaning with 15 meters of cable length and 15 lt of dust capacity.

Technical Details

    Model Promini 100P    
    Power Engine 850 W    
    Engine Type Dry / Single Stage    
    Suction Power 2150 Mm/Ss    
    Function Silent / With Dust Bag    
    Voltage 220-230 V    
    Frequency Ac / 50-60 Hz    
    Cable Length 15 M / 2 X 0,75 Mm2    
    Tank Type Abs    
    Paper Bag Capacity 13 Lt    
    Lock Type Pp    
    Hose Length 240 Cm    
    Hose Diameter Ø34 Mm    
    Pipe Set Steel Ø34 Mm    
    Product Gross Weight 8,8 Kg    
    Product Sizes Ø470 X 355 Mm    
    Box Dimensions 410 x 510 x 390 Mm    
    Warranty Period 24 Month