About Us

Tarus Cleaning Equipment is the registered trademark of Gülersan Lubrication Equipment, which is a pioneer in its sector, for the cleaning sector. Founded in 1993 by Mr. Servet GÜLER, who is still the Chairman of the Board of our company, Gülersan Lubrication Equipment Ltd. It has been serving many sectors such as Automotive, Construction, Fuel Oil, Chemical, Hardware sectors for many years.

Regarding lubrication devices, we are expanding our product range every year. We bring all our manufacturing to end-users through our branches in Turkey and abroad. Apart from our standard productions, signing boutique projects such as mobile and fixed lubrication sets keeps us constantly active.

Our Tarus Temizlik brand, which we have created for the cleaning sector, develops every year and meets the needs of the sector by manufacturing or importing.

Our Gls Garaj brand, which we have created for automotive service equipment, takes us on a different and beautiful journey.  85% of Gls Garaj products are imported, 15% are produced by Gülersan.

Our journey, which started 27 years ago in the light of our three brands, in the last 6 years, we have added dealerships of many brands, especially BOSCH Power tools, IZELTAŞ Mechanical hand tools, GEDORE Mechanical hand tools, OSAKA Pneumatic hand tools brands.

Also PIUSI of diesel equipment, MAVEL hose reels, HAWK high pressure pumps, ROVER transfer pumps, manufacturers have been making their distributor in Turkey.

Thanks to our trained staff, we are carrying out solution-oriented projects with our stores in Istanbul and Ankara. 60% of our current production capacity to market across Turkey while 40% are exporting to various countries of the world. GÜLERSAN, which has contributed to the development of Turkish industry since its establishment and has realized many new investments,With its experience, it increases the quality in the sector day by day.

It is our greatest wish and aim to bring us to where we are today, with an innovative approach, more employment and more customer satisfaction.